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FSA Advises 578s May Be Delayed - You Can Help

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It is acreage reporting time, and your policyholders need your help. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many FSA offices have announced they expect delays in completing acreage certification and producing 578 materials. FSA has been reaching out to the crop insurance industry on both the state and county levels asking for assistance. Specifically, they have advised 578s will be delayed and several have asked us to provide policyholders with maps and acreage reports that can be used to complete their 578 work in a more efficient manner.   

For years, Rain and Hail agents have led the industry in early acreage reporting. Together with our agency force we have developed all the tools necessary to complete the acreage reporting process with your growers either in your office, on the farm or remotely from your home. We encourage all of you to be proactive with your policyholders, letting them know that they should report their acreage to you before going to FSA and explaining how that will streamline the process for them. You can provide them the maps and information they need either in person or remotely via their Policyholder Services account. This will not only improve the accuracy and consistency of the information but will result in a much quicker interaction with FSA. Additionally, early claims, such as replants, can be completed much faster.  

Thank you for all you do for America’s farmer, especially during this strange and difficult time.

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