Rain and Hail's Mapping System Connects with John Deere Operations Center to Streamline Acreage and Production Reporting

We’re excited to announce that we’ve connected our Mapping System with John Deere Operations Center to provide new features to streamline acreage and production reporting activities for our agents and growers.

The connection enables agents to use the Rain and Hail Mapping system to access grower precision ag data stored in the John Deere Operations Center. Once growers grant their agent access to their precision ag data in John Deere Operations Center agents can import the precision ag data directly into the Rain and Hail Mapping system and populate acreage and production reports. This partnership will minimize effort for growers and agents during the busy planting and harvest seasons, further automating the reporting process. Visit the your local Rain and Hail Agent, John Deere Dealer or log into your Rain and Hail account to find out more about this exciting advancement today!

Simplify Acreage Reporting with Precision Ag Data from the John Deere Operations Center
Posted Date: 
Wednesday, January 3, 2018