Photo Contest Entry Form

Do not forget to send your photo submission files to They are not attached to this entry form. An email should auto-generate once you click submit on this page with prefilled.

Make sure to send your photos in their original size. Sending smaller files, cropping or editing in any way (including adding filters) can bring down the quality of your photos and make them ineligible.

Photos that do not meet these specifications will be disqualified.
Photo Titles

Photo title will appear on calendar. Maximum of 6 words.

Reminder: Photos must be a digital image (jpg preferred). To ensure that your photos are of high enough quality, please use a device with 6 MP (Mega-Pixels) or higher. Photographs in landscape orientation are preferred due to the calendar format. Do not alter dimensions or resolution. Photos may be disqualified if they do not meet the requested specifications.

Rules, Terms and Conditions
Type your full name to sign.
If the photos are submitted by a minor, please contact, as the signature of a parent/legal guardian is required. You must be 18 to sign this form.

If you are a California resident, please read our Notice of Collection.