Political Action Committee

Supporting Crop Insurance

The RHIS PAC was formed to help in the election of candidates for public office who have demonstrated support of rural development issues such as crop insurance through the private sector. Your contribution will help advance this process. Persons who are Society members may participate in the PAC.

How To Participate

  • Participation is for Society Members only and is on an individual basis.
  • Individual contributions must be made by personal checks (business organization checks, agency checks, etc. are not acceptable for the PAC. If an agency check is used, a statement must be shown in the memo section "Individual Account-Not Incorporated").
  • Corporations may make donations to the Rain and Hail Insurance Society Administrative Fund to defray some of the expenses incurred in printing, postage, photocopying and other administrative costs.
  • Print out and complete the form on the next page and forward it with your check.

How Will The Funds Be Used?

  • Educational purposes to help inform public officials on the value of crop insurance in their communities, districts and states.