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Bushel Powered Elevators

    Elevator Location Map

Select your state to view elevators near you. Don’t see any in your area? Contact your local grain elevators, and tell them you want them connected to Bushel.

Company City (Location Name) State Zip Code Bushel App Website
Iowa Falls (Iowa Falls Ethanol Plant) IA 50126 website
Menlo (Menlo Ethanol Plant) IA 50164 website
Portsmouth IA 51565 website
Shell Rock (Shell Rock Ethanol Plant) IA 50670 website
Ada KS 67467 website
Agra (Trinity Ag, LLC Agra) KS 67621 website
Alamota (Alamota Elevator) KS 67839 website
Amy (Amy Elevator) KS 67839 website
Anness KS 67106 website
Anthony KS 67003 website
Anthony (Newport) KS 67003 website
Argonia (Argonia North) KS 67004 website
Argonia (Argonia South) KS 67004 website
Arkansas City (Ark City Feedmill) KS 67005 website
Arkansas City (Ark City/Two Rivers Co-op) KS 67005 website
Arlington KS 67514 website
Athol (Trinity Ag, LLC Athol) KS 66932 website
Atlanta KS 67008 website
Attica KS 67009 website
Barnes (Central Valley Ag Barnes) KS 66413 website
Baxter Springs KS 66713 website
Belle Plaine KS 67013 website
Belleville (Central Valley Ag Belleville East) KS 66935 website
Belleville (Central Valley Ag Belleville West) KS 66935 website
Belmon KS 67078 website