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Bushel Powered Elevators

Select your state to view elevators near you. Don’t see any in your area? Contact your local grain elevators, and tell them you want them connected to Bushel.

Company City (Location Name) State Zip Code Bushel App Website
Burlingame (Ottawa Coop Burlingame) KS 66021 website
Burlington (Ottawa Coop Burlington) KS 66839 website
Burrton (Patterson) KS 67020 website
Caldwell KS 67022 website
Cawker City (Central Valley Ag Cawker City) KS 67430 website
Cedar (Trinity Ag, LLC Cedar) KS 67628 website
Cheney KS 67025 website
Cimarron (Haggard Branch) KS 67835 website
Cimarron (Cimarron Elevator) KS 67835 website
Cimarron (Cimarron Branch) KS 67835 website
Clay Center (Central Valley Ag Clay Center) KS 67432 website
Clayton KS 67629 website
Clearwater KS 67026 website
Clifton (Central Valley Ag Clifton) KS 66937 website
Clyde (Central Valley Ag Clyde) KS 66938 website
Colby (Elevator C) KS 67701 website
Colby (Elevator H) KS 67701 website
Colby (Terminal) KS 67701 website
Columbus KS 66725 website
Colwich KS 67030 website
Colwich (Element, LLC) KS 67030 website
Concordia (Cloud County Elevator Assn Concordia East) KS 66901 website
Concordia (Concordia Terminal) KS 66901 website
Conway Springs (Conway Springs East) KS 67031 website
Coolidge KS 67836 website